Empowering entrepreneurs to excel through strategy, focus, and clarity.


Empowering entrepreneurs to excel through strategy, focus, and clarity.

“Derek has been working with my company for several years and his performance has been the best of anyone I have every hired for Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations. I would recommend him to anyone except my competition.”

Dr. Jordan Cooper
CEO Cooper Family Dentistry

“Derek is a true marketing professional. He has impressed me with his thoughtfulness, follow through and attention to detail on every project I have had the pleasure of working with him on. He sees the big picture and has the ability to implement a step-by-step process to achieving his clients goals. He is knowledgeable in all forms of marketing and stays ahead of the technology curve ensuring his clients are always exposed to the newest resources available. I would recommend Derek to any business who wants help with their daily marketing needs. I can confidently say that with Derek’s expertise working for your business you will see results.”

Lori Storrs
Account Executive Sports Talk With Bo Mattingly

“Derek and the team help you even when you might not be ready to be their customer. They guided me and grew me until I was big enough and ready for their true value! Thanks Derek!”

Brian Seim

“I’m a 38-year veteran entrepreneur having owned now, 14 businesses. It’s rare to find someone like Derek Champagne that pays attention to the smallest details. Derek’s team at The Artist Evolution is simply amazing. If you are looking for someone to guide you through a difficult maze of options and come out on the other side a winner, you have found the champion of champions.”

Aaron Walker
Professional Life & Business Coach | Resources | Mastermind Groups

“Derek Champagne is a marketing genius. I’ll never forget the day I received “Don’t Buy a Duck” in my mailbox autographed by the author himself! This is an excellent example of how Derek operates — he is always adding value without being asked. 

Over the 2 years I have known Derek, I have had the opportunity to work with him in business and podcast settings. He always offers practical marketing advice that I can apply right away. The greatest value Derek offers though is the sense that what you do really matters. He is an excellent listener and I always feel like a hero when I work with him. His presence is amazing.

This past year he released an online marketing course (because small guys like me can’t afford his big boy agency). Again, the value is tremendous for small business owners and entrepreneurs that aren’t ready to hire an agency for their marketing needs, they can employ the best practices in a DIY manner via the online course. 

Derek is extremely generous, wickedly smart, and incredibly personal businessman that can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

I highly recommend any opportunity that you have to work with Derek.”

Daniel Evan Bauer

“Derek is, first and foremost, a people person. His commitment to me as a client, makes doing business with him an easy decision to make. He is an expert in his field, and is always ready to help me reach my goals. It is that sincere dedication that turns many of his clients into lifelong friends. I look forward to doing business with Derek and The Artist Evolution for many years…and being friends for even longer than that!”

Tom Rubens
Co-Founder MasterCoach Forum

“Derek is a genius at marketing and you can trust that he knows what he’s doing. You can come to me and complain if you find otherwise. That’s my guarantee. You’re safe with Derek and his company, so just go for it! 
That being said, the more important quality that Derek possesses is his genuine care for others and desire to help you succeed in business. You can’t put a price on that kind of relationship. Many people offer marketing services but most don’t care about your success as deeply as Derek does. You’re getting your own personal gladiator to defend you when you bring his company into your team. If you want to win in business, he’s the guy who won’t stop until you’ve accomplished the mission.”

David Rhodes
Sales Funnel Strategist

“In the online world of instant unlimited marketing information of varying quality, it’s never been more important to know someone you can trust to make sense of it all. Derek has been that person. A man of impeccable professionalism, he leads a team that always puts their customers first. We’ve worked together helping his clients get exposure on targeted podcast interviews. Our team has consistently been wowed by his team. Derek sets the tone and sets the bar high for service, creativity, and integrity. There are few people I would trust with the future of my company, Derek Champagne is that man.”

Thomas M Schwab

“It is so rare that you meet someone with Derek’s level of experience, knowledge, energy, compassion and humility. I know those are a lot of virtues to have in one person but he definitely has them all. Derek has started, run and sold multiple businesses, he’s lived a fantasy life playing music on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and he’s grown companies faster than anyone can imagine. Doing all of these would give most people an ego, but Derek is still one of the most humble and caring guys you will meet and that is why working with him and talking with him is always such a pleasure. He is also so committed to giving more value than he receives, you know if you work with him you are guaranteed to get a good return on your investment. I would recommend Derek to anyone looking to take their marketing (or their life) to the next level.” 

Andy Storch
Consultant, Coach and Friend

“We enjoyed partnering with The Artist Evolution for our local, community outreach. They assisted us with creative strategies and designs and helped execute our events supporting local organizations – such as 4-H and FFA clubs. Their partnership helped me stay focused on the business while they worked with the organizations we promoted.”

Arlie Burris
Director of Operations

“For the last three years Derek and The Artist Evolution have been a responsive and creative resource for developing our marketing campaigns.They have helped take our graphic design to the next level.”

Barry Baggett
Senior Marketing Manager
America’s Car-Mart

“In my personal experience The Artist Evolution has been creative and timely. Derek Champagne and his team always meet deadlines and creative expectations. When it comes to creating ads and getting results they are all star performers and have the ability to take on the “heavy lifting” for ongoing marketing campaigns.”

Bo Mattingly
Sports Talk with Bo
Statewide Syndicated Radio Show

“We are very pleased with the efforts and results we have received by having them develop, execute, and manage our marketing and advertising. We have found that by hiring The Artist Evolution to manage our marketing and advertising needs, it has freed me to work on other important tasks for my company because they do the heavy lifting for our campaigns. Derek and staff have been great to work with, they have great new concepts and ideas, and we are happy with their implementation. One major improvement has been revamping our brand (We were using our original logo from 1996 and it was time for an update) and increasing our awareness and presence in the community. in preparation for each new campaign, they ask the appropriate questions and research before tackling any new project so that they have a clear understanding of our needs and overall objectives. They have been very hands on with the physicians and eager to meet with them one on one as needed.”

Kathey P.
Highlands Oncology Group
The Premier Cancer Treatment Center in the State of Arkansas


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Artist Evolution Team.  They were very flexible with my requests and very collaborative. I am so happy with the final results and would highly recommend working with this group!”

Christina Gervasi

“The Artist Evolution has helped us on dozens of design and marketing projects that were under budget, created on time, and exceeded our expectations. They have designed direct mailers, phonebook adds, physical standing endeavor display ads, and other ad hoc design requests. They are our dental design firm of choice for all of our general and specialty group dental practices.”

Douglas Peak, DDS
All Smiles Dental Group

Colorado Dental Group

“The creative team at The Artist Evolution is second to none. They are responsible for developing our recognizable practice brand, website, and other marketing materials that help us to stand out in our community. They are also responsible for bringing our marketing campaign up to 21st century standards and beyond.”

Mark E. Miller, MD TruHealth Family Care Fayetteville, AR


“I had the opportunity to work with The Artist Evolution to develop my Branding & Identity Package. It was a greatexperience particularly with the daunting concept of developing my identity/brand. The team was very professional and recognized the needs necessary to make my start-up a success.”

Daniel T. Richardson DMD, MD
Richardson Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, PC Elkridge, MD


“The Branding and Identity Package, from The Artist Evolution, branded our new practice and provided us with the marketing materials we needed to introduce ourselves to our new patient and referral community. Derek and the staff at The Artist Evolution LLC were also very informative and professional as far as my needs for a patient-friendly website were concerned.”

Brijesh J. Patel, D.D.S., M.D
Moorpark Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery P.C. Moopark, CA


“We wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for your outstanding work and for designing a brand that matches our personality. We are thrilled with our new logo and the branding and identity package that your company designed for us. We could not be more pleased with your work and the professionalism with which it was executed.”

Integrity Practice Consulting

“Derek and the team at The Artist Evolution did a fantastic job guiding me through the process of branding my practice. Their work was always top-notch, and delivered on schedule. I couldn’t be happier to recommend them to anyone looking to take their practice image to the next level.”

M. Andrew Baber, DDS Horizon OMS
Rogers, AR

“Derek and the entire Artist Evolution staff were very professional and very helpful in creating my office’s branding and marketing materials. They guided me in creating a unique identity that was a perfect fit.
I would recommend them to any new start-up practice or to any existing
practice looking to modernize the office’s image.”

Amar R. Bhandari, DDS, MD Vestal OMS
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Vestal, NY


“The Artist Evolution has made a huge impact on our business in many ways. Derek and his team walked us through everything from the website/logo design and construction to getting in front of our target audience with a message and plan that motivated them
to respond. They focus on developing and executing brands and marketing for sustainable growth. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to start or expand their current business to stick with what they do and hire a professional to handle the marketing/ development end of things. I believe Derek and his team at the Artist Evolution are the very best at what they do!”

Weather Proofing Experts

“Their creative pieces are so effective, that I have Oral Surgeons calling me from a piece we mailed them in 2004! They don’t want to throw them out! I am highly impressed with every single piece The Artist Evolution has ever written or designed for MaxSurge, but we also hear over and over how pleased our clients have been with their work as well. Their expert branding and design and practical marketing approach has proven phenomenal for us.”

MaxSurge Healthcare Solutions


“The Artist Evolution did an outstanding job developing our brand and marketing materials. Our brand stands out from our competitors as a result of letting these creative professionals bring our vision to life. The comprehensive branding and identity package allowed us to develop our entire brand, website, and materials within our budget. Also, all of the printing was included in the package and they delivered the final product right to our doorstep. They continue to be a valuable resource to our existing marketing campaigns.”

StessTechs of Northwest AR


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for creative, effective designs and advertising done for our surgery centers. Our referring offices have been responsive to hand out our promotional pieces, and the increase in our dental implants has been markedly improved! We have been very pleased with every single marketing piece and ad your team has created!”

Oral & Facial Surgery Centers of Northwest AR