Stop Wasting Money
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that Works.

Entrepreneur. Consultant. Author. Speaker.


Empowering entrepreneurs to excel through strategy, focus, and clarity.

Derek works 1-on-1 with a handful of growing entrepreneurs and teams to help them find clarity and focus in their marketing efforts and business growth and to overcome upper limit challenges. Derek will help you feel confident in your approach and choose the best marketing solutions to reach your goals.

Level I Consultation

Get more out of your business. Derek will help you get on the right path and build healthy habits that help you reach your marketing goals.

Level II Consultation

A hands-on approach for you and your team to help jumpstart your marketing approach, stay motivated, and reach your goals.

Strategy Blast

Spend a full 8 hour day with Derek on-site at your location to gain clarity and focus by working through your upper limit marketing challenges.

As Seen or Heard On


A roundtable approach to business and marketing

An exclusive group of marketing directors and business owners who come together each week to share intel and work through upper limit challenges of their marketing efforts.

A regionally syndicated ESPN radio show and top-rated podcast that shines a spotlight on intentional leadership, business owners, entrepreneurs and masterminds.

A conversation-style podcast for those who desire personal and professional growth.

A Keynote Experience that Delivers

Audiences will leave feeling inspired, focused, and ready for action. Whether he is speaking to business owners, teams, or marketing students, Derek delivers an unforgettable and transformative experience with real-world knowledge and proven, approachable strategies that will take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Scale Your Business With a Channel Partnership

Do you have a well-established brand, a robust network, and or an existing tribe that is enthusiastic about your product or services?  Building a channel partnership may be your solution to rapid scale. 


A book on marketing that’s approachable & straightfoward.

Don’t Buy a Duck: Stop Wasting Money and Only Do Marketing that Works is the perfect read for any business owner or marketing professional.

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