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Marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery. That’s the simple premise behind Don’t Buy A Duck! Stop Wasting Money And Only Do Marketing That Works by Derek Champagne. Over a 15+ year career in the marketing space, Champagne has amassed a treasure trove of knowledge on branding and marketing, and shares his sometimes candid, often chuckle-worthy, and always clear advice with his readers here. Starting with his own confession of how he learned the consequences of good money poorly spent (spoiler alert: it involves a yard sale, a station wagon, and a confused and frightened duck named Quackers), Champagne breaks down the mystery of marketing, one question at a time. Offering a thorough overview of the crisis points that strike fear into the hearts of startups and gold standard companies alike, Champagne shines a light on solid solutions that help promote strategic thinking and consistent execution. If you’ve ever wondered how to stop wasting money, time, and energy; if you’ve ever felt lost, in need of a roadmap; if you’ve ever wanted to get folks in the door and dollars in the drawer, you’ve opened the right book.
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